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We serve children with Autism (ASD), ADD/ ADHD, Speech Delay, Downs Syndrome, behavior issues, Intellectual Disability, Pervasive Developmental Delay and more. We also work with typically developing children who may have issues with social skills, academics, and more.

ABA is Applied Behavior Analysis.
ABA is Applied Behavior Analysis


Like a rainbow, the potential of a child is limitless. What they can learn, do and accomplish is infinite. With support, love and science, any child can learn. 



  • Most Florida-based insurance plans cover ABA services for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • We currently accept Cigna, Evernorth, Aetna, United and AvMed
  • We also accept Humana Military and Tricare.


We offer great rates and flexible payment plans as well as discounts based on income.

To get more info, email us at: info@limitlesslearningaba.com

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At Limitless Learning ABA we provide therapy to children with special needs. We work to break down skills, identify how each child learns best and teach those skills. We teach skills like communication, language, social skills, school skills, life skills and more! We believe that every child, no matter their label or diagnosis has unlimited potential.

We utilize an empathetic approach to therapy with lots of play and understanding. We aim to ensure our kids feel safe, respected and supported while in therapy. 

We use evidence-based, scientifically validated interventions, hard work, love and support to help our clients and their families grow and progress.


Here at Limitless Learning ABA we believe in training and disseminating our science.

We offer small and large group presentations and in depth training classes to therapists, parents, teachers, doctors offices etc.

Charge for training presentations is minimal and in some cases offered at no cost to the school or office. See below for examples of the training we offer.


We complete trainings, presentations, and workshops to teachers and child care staff.


As part of your child’s session, parents and family will all receive hands on training and coaching.


Limitless Learning provides intensive and ongoing training, supervision and mentoring for its therapists.


In an effort to aid in early detection and intervention, Limitless works to visit pediatric offices, daycares, and early intervention facilities.

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