Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

This term describes multiple ways to communicate that can supplement or compensate for challenges with expressive communication.

In these videos you can see one type of AAC, which is using a device and digital programs such as “LAMP Words for Life” and “Go Talk”.

Our goal today was to teach and practice communication with peers using AAC.

Some scenarios in which AAC may be considered:

1- Challenges with articulation that make it very difficult for others to understand what a client is saying.

2- A learner that has acquired receptive language skills but is physically unable to vocally communicate.

3- A learner that is in the process of acquiring vocal communication skills but needs a means of communication in the meantime as they are acquiring expressive vocal language.

AAC is a great tool for different types of challenges.

AAC when used in ABA services should be done in collaboration with the child’s speech therapist (if they are receiving speech therapy).

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