ABA Therapy

In applied behavior analysis (ABA therapy) we work on teaching skills including expressive and receptive communication. Teaching functional skills, social skills, coping skills and more! We also work on behavior reduction of unsafe behaviors.

Your child will have a dedicated team comprised of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as case manager together with one or more Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) to carry out the therapy.

We provide services in our beautiful rainbow clinic in Doral. We also provide services in homes and schools if clinically warranted. We train parents and teachers to have the tools to help their children learn.

Social Skills Groups

In our social skills groups, we provide a safe space for kids to be themselves and make friends! We work on topics such as being kind to others, understanding emotions, working as a team, bully prevention and even real life skills like cooking together! 

Aftercare Program

In our aftercare program your child can stay at the clinic after their therapy session. There is a 1:3 ratio and time to relax after therapy or school. We have play time, homework help, social skills and sensory activities to help your child end their day in a fun and productive way.


Here at Limitless Learning ABA we believe in training and disseminating our science.

We offer small and large group presentations and in depth training classes to therapists, parents, teachers, doctors offices etc.

Charge for training presentations is minimal and in some cases offered at no cost to the school or office.

See below for examples of the training we offer.


Here at Limitless we are dedicated to the dissemination of our science. We complete trainings, presentations, and workshops to teachers and child care staff. This can be done to help a client we share. This is also done if a facility simply wants to learn to use behavioral techniques to aid with classroom management and getting the most out of their students. These training presentations are FREE of charge if 60 minutes or less. 


As part of your child’s session, parents and family will all receive hands on training and coaching. We will give you the tools and skills necessary to ensure you are able to carry out the behavior change your child makes in session to the natural environment. We work to give mom and dad the tools to be able to handle those difficult situations. Family involvement is key to the success of any ABA program.


Limitless Learning provides intensive and ongoing training, supervision and mentoring for its therapists. We provide individualized learning goals for each team member and work together to have each practitioner learn and master everything they need to before they sit for their BACB certification exam. We also provide bi-weekly training sessions to any therapist from any facility who would simply like to learn about ABA and the treatment of developmental disabilities. 


In an effort to aid in early detection and intervention, Limitless works to visit pediatric offices, daycares, and early intervention facilities. We do so to raise awareness on red flags of developmental disabilities. We work to show nurses, pediatricians, and neurologists what options their patients have when you may see red flags. Something as harmless as a minor speech delay is something that could potentially be the first signs of developmental disability. It’s never too early to ask questions and be proactive with interventions! These dissemination presentations are 30-60 minutes and FREE of charge.